“Opportunities and Dreams” Mario


At the age of 15 I was given a great gift: the opportunity of going abroad, far from everything I knew. The destination was an American family in the East Coast of the United States, and what happened during that month changed my life.

From that moment when you feel the plane is touching the ground on, everything you feel is different. New sounds, colors, flavors… You may have seen it on TV, but now you are living it, and it is very real. From now on everything depends on you, but you are lucky: you are in the USA, a land of opportunities and dreams.

The American Dream is all about being who you want to be regardless of where you come from, and as a newcomer to this country you soon realize that in the US if you want to, you can. For this reason, make the most out of your experience abroad. Play sports you have never played before like Lacrosse or “American” Football (for them, it is just Football). Try all sorts of new food, visit amazing places and learn English understanding the way Americans life and their culture.

One last tip: dare. Dare to be the best version of yourself living your own American Dream and you will soon realize how much this experience will make you grow, not only with your English but also as a person. You will bring back home good friends, a new family and countless experiences and memories that will accompany you the rest of your life.

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