Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona’s charm is evident because of its art, the food, the monuments and streets and because it has become a referential cosmpolitan destination for those seeking a mix between pleasure and fun.

Vibrating and dynamic, it is an ideal city for youngsters to live a unique experience that will allow them to combine culture, languages and leisure.

During their stay, they will discover magical places in the Born neighborhood as well as take a swim in the Barceloneta beach. They will understand why artists such as Gaudí have made such an impact over millions of people and they will enjoy typical meals, mainly tapas and local Catalan food in cozy street food markets. They will take part in excursions around parcGüell and parc de la Ciutadella and they will be amazed by the magnificent SagradaFamilia.

All of it and much more while learning the language and living like the Spanish families they will be staying with.

Product Description



– Globalnest staff member accompanying kids during all their stay and flights from/to destination.

– Internal transfers within cities.

– Transport to language centers and activities facilities.

– Medical insurance and assistance during their stay abroad.

– Spanish lessons: 15h a week with a tutor for every team of 5 students.

Activities and excursions:

– Full visit around the city: Park Güell, Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Picasso Museum.

– Weekend trip to the beach near Figueres (Costa Brava) visit to the Dalí Museum.

– Water activities in the Náutico Barcelona Club.


Soccer, basketball, water sports.