“An amazing experience!” Sofía


Since I was a small kid, I’ve always gone abroad in the summer for a couple or three weeks. Not only have I always had so much fun, but I also learnt a lot from the experiences lived.

I’ve mainly been in England and in Scotland, in typical schools in which there were students from all over: above all, there were French, Italian, Russian and Chinese people. You got to know different ways of speaking, different cultures and ways of living. Another thing I had the opportunity to do was going to NYC for almost three months on an Exchange program with a girl my age from the Sacred Heart. Being able to live a completely different life from yours for a certain amount of time and having the chance of meeting a foreign family and being part of it was for me such a grateful thing. In my particular case, I had so much fun there as I consider myself to be an open person without difficulties to speak to others (which is very important if you are going abroad) and I would definitely live the experience again. The positive regards you get and the things you learn from the experience are very numerous! And most importantly, you really enjoy your time!

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